Call of Papers – Health related topics in Business and Human Rights

Our journal, Homa Publica – International Journal on Human Rights and Business has a call for articles for the thematic dossier until September 30th.

In this dossier, we are looking for articles that deal with health-related topics within the field of Human Rights and Business, since the growing power of the private sector and business can directly hinder the implementation of these rights.

The Homa Publica is a journal of continuous publication and accept articles submissions throughout the year. However, the submission of articles for this dossier on topics related to health will be accepted only until the 30th of September.

The journal is indexed in the following databases: Latindex, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Acess Journals (DOAJ), Portal Brasileiro de Publicações Científicas em Acesso Aberto (OasisBR), Diadorim, Rede Iberoamericana de Inovación y Conocimiento Cientifico (REDIB), periódicos, Sumá, LatinREV and European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIHPLUS).


Since the Journal dossier focuses on health and rights related to health, the topics of the articles can be related, non-exhaustively, to the following topics:

  • The role of international corporations and their implications for the right to health;
  • Cases of violation to the right to health by international corporations and the access to medicines;
  • Human Rights and evaluation of business activities impact on health;
  • International legal framework and national laws on “business and human rights” applied to the right to health;
  • Possibilities and limitations of the UN Business and Human Rights Treaty Draft, especially topics related to the right to health;
  • Privatization of health systems, the role of transnational business and implications for ensuring the right to health;
  • Corporative capture of the global health governance and national decision-making processes;
  • Implications of austerity measures for the implementation of the right to health and the role of large corporations;
  • Global coverage of health and the role of transnational businesses;
  • Implications of international trade and investment treaties for the right to health, especially the use of investor-state negotiation techniques;


The submission deadline for the dossier is until September, 30, 2020. To submit the article it is necessary to have an account in our journal website, the account can be registered here:

The articles must be unpublished and can have from 25.000 to 60.000 thousand characters including spaces, Files must be sent in two formats: in .DOC or .DOCX format, containing the author’s identification; and in PDF, without the author’s identification. Works will be accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

When submitting an article, the author agrees that his copyrights are transferred to Homa Publica – International Journal on Human Rights and Business. Specific rules for document formatting, content, citations and bibliographic references can be accessed at:


All articles are submitted to a prior assessment held by the Editorial Board, who verifies the attendance to the formal submission requirements, and if necessary will make suggestions in the document.

The guest editors for this edition of the dossier are: PhD Pedro Villardi, member of Grupo de Trabalho em Propriedade Intelectual (GTPI) and Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de Aids (ABIA) and PhD Marcela Vieira, researcher and coordinator of “Knowledge Network for Innovation and Access to Medicine” of Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

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