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What are Human Rights and Fundamental Rights?

Human Rights and Fundamental Rights The terms “human rights” and “fundamental rights” are mentioned all the time, often as synonyms or without an in-depth analyses of its true meaning. Even in our current Federal Constitution, promulgated in 1988, the differences of human rights and fundamental rights are not very clear. Yet, the so called “Citizens’ […]

Call of Papers – Health related topics in Business and Human Rights

Our journal, Homa Publica – International Journal on Human Rights and Business has a call for articles for the thematic dossier until September 30th. In this dossier, we are looking for articles that deal with health-related topics within the field of Human Rights and Business, since the growing power of the private sector and business can directly […]

Homa participated in the Balance Seminar on the 4-year since Fundão dam collapsed, in Mariana

One of the researchers of the Centre, Felipe Fayer Mansoldo, participated in the event held on October 31st and November 1st in the city of Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais. The organization of the Seminar involved several partner entities, such as CRDH/UFJF-GV, the Núcleo de Agroecologia – NAGÔ/UFJF–GV, GEPSA/UFOP, PoEMAS/UFJF, Organon/UFES, in addition to Homa/UFJF. The […]

Homa and other organizations demand the International criminal conviction of the Brazilian State

Four years since the collapse of the Samarco tailings dam, in Mariana, entities and social movements have filed a case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (OAS). The objective is to obtain the criminal conviction to the Brazilian State for the violation of the Human Rights inflicted along the Rio Doce Basin. The entities […]

Professor Manoela Carneiro Roland, Homa’s coordinator (Human Rights and Business Centre), was confirmed as an official invited expert at the 3rd Session of the Intergovernamental on Transnational Corporations and others business enterprises with respect to Human Rights in United Nations – Geneva, tomorrow October 24.

The 3rd Session of the Intergovernmental on Transnational Corporations and others business enterprises with respect to Human Rights begins today, October 23, at the United Nations Palace, in Geneva – Switzerland and will finish at the end of the week (October, 27). This session consists of the continuity of the previous two, which occurred in […]