Human Rights and Business Column

Homa has always offered a space for debate on Human Rights and Business, dialoguing with different actors of the Civil Society, the affected communities, the Academy and the Government. Our institutional website had 9,617 visitors in 2020, an impressive number given the niche of our field.

In order to amplify the voice and encourage the discussion among actors, affected, researchers, and activists on Human Rights and Business, we are creating a space for Columns in our website.

We invite everyone to send analytical texts, essays (opinion) or reports that dialogue with current issues within the field from a perspective of the Global South, the protection of affected communities and the primacy of Human Rights to integrate the biweekly column on our website.

We remind you that for academic productions, such as scientific papers, we have the scientific journal Homa Publica – Revista Internacional de Derechos Humanos y Empresas, which publishes papers on the subject and receives submissions in continuous flow throughout the year.