Conselho Nacional de Direitos Humanos publishes Resolution on Human Rights and Business, elaborated with the participation of Homa

Conselho Nacional de Direitos Humanos (CNDH) published the Resolution No. 5 on March 12, 2020, with national guidelines for public policies on Human Rights and Business. Such document, which was unanimously approved by the full court, is the result of a democratic inquiry to different sections of the civil society and representatives of social movements, as it is intrinsic to the foundation of the body.

Homa feels very honored to participate in a process that represents the aspects of a democratic work and accumulated experience that aims to meet the need of those affected by Human Rights violations committed by business. We sought to make a qualitative leap in terms of the legal voids that exist at national and international levels, including the need to improve some legal frameworks to prevent these violations by business and to make these private actors accountable. This democratic step is antagonistic toward the Executive order No. 9.571 of November 21, 2018, published by the Brazilian Federal government without any kind of inquiry to the society.

According to the CNDH, the resolution is aimed at public officials, state institutions, companies and financial institutions, and has the objective of guiding and assisting in the enforcement of national, and international Human Rights protection standards. In that matter, the document addresses protective measures, State and business obligations concerning Human Rights and redress mechanisms.

The participation of Homa was made possible with the coordination of the professor Manoela Carneiro Roland and the fundamental contribution of the researchers Felipe Fayer Mansoldo, Enya Dias Barros, and Aline Laís Lara Sena.

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