Homa launches first of a series of papers about National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights

Starting in 2015, September, The investigations for development of a series of papers about the National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights were motivated by the apparent  need for a critical academic follow up of the process of elaboration of a NAP in Brazil, which is still in an early stage. This series aims to contribute with the players involved in this process, that’s why it was named “National Action Plans on Human Rights and Business: Inputs for the Brazilian Reality”.

According to the theoretical perspective of Homa, it was decided to place “Human Rights” before “Business” in the series’ title since we believe  that these plans should be developed by putting the Human Rights dimension first, rather than business and market demands. According to this perspective, we understand  that “theory is always directed to someone, with a specific purpose”. Therefore, it should be dealt with including the ideology it carries within. Thus, the Centre looks forward to conduct critical research, in order to provide an analysis about the social practices with potential for contributing to the reality’s transformation.

This first part’s title is “General Perspectives about National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights”, and its goal is to bring forth a general approach to the released NAPs, highlighting some problems and critics, aiming at the elaboration of a more objective instrument, capable of producing measurable, rateable and concrete results, gathering the civil society, social movements and victims of Human Rights violations.

The full content of the document is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English:


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